Where did the name Be Well. Stay Sick. come from and what does it mean?

My brother became good friends with punk icon, Danny Fields. When I was fortunate enough to live in New York City for a bit, and now feel juuuust superior enough to use that fact as the one cool thing about myself, I was able to tagalong to a party here and there with my brother and Danny. As the former manager of The Ramones, of course Danny knew Arturo Vega, whom I had admired since I read about him in books about the history of “punk rock.” When I saw Arturo Vega at one of these parties, although aged, I recognized him right away. I made it a point to meet him and talk to him. He was friendly. Warm handshake. Kissed my cheek. Autographed my nerdy book by writing “Dear Robbi, Be Well. Stay Sick. <3 Arturo Vega.” That was in 2009. In 2010 I attempted to start a blog where I wrote my unpopular musings about art. Soon it turned into a place of trippy gifs. Oh well. The name stuck. I loved what it meant. It means keep going, stay healthy. But keep your sense of humor and be cool, be you.

Why is your jewelry so expensive?

I can guarantee that my jewelry is expensive for good reason. Most of the special one of a kind trinkets you may find on my pieces were acquired before I knew anything about jewelry, owning a small business, buying things at wholesale prices or with a tax ID. I’m just a well-to-do babysitter with an obsession for beautiful things. With that in mind, I also make a big effort to find the BEST 14kt gold-filled or sterling silver materials to make my jewelry with. After several years of working at a local bead boutique, learning professional methods of wire wrapping, silk knotting, and other techniques, I began teaching classes, and repairing jewelry for customers. I became very familiar with “quality materials” and well…crappy materials. I noticed the jewelry and materials that were problems. I knew what would or would not become an issue in the near future, and I have since used this to my advantage by trying to bring you the best jewelry I can. I always try to buy materials locally or by first hand inspection before I turn to online purchase.