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My parents always told me that I inspected the world with a quiet and astute eye. While paying special attention to all things sparkly, translucent, or transparent, I began to apply this fascination to my awe and wonder of delicate women in tenacious roles. I started to imagine a utopian female society, ruled by strong women wearing expressive jewelry. I was seeing the perfect world and people for my jewelry. I pictured bodacious babes, a planet made of rough rocks and crystals; the women were strong in their limbs, minds and hearts, and beautiful in their undeniable confidence and ease. They feared nothing, and they bore their jewelry like armor.
Armor as unique as their possessor. Women adorned with talismans, vials of elixirs, beautiful natural things of their environment, reminders of loved ones, and rocks for healing. Oh, and of course sparkly things. They felt pride when they wore their armor, as it was well earned, and reflected the many facets of what they rightly loved about themselves. I am passionate about making beautiful jewelry for strong women.

Robbi Ilyse Skrakowski was born in Texas, 1988. She studied Art History at Queens College, New York and the University of North Texas. Robbi has a myriad of experience ranging from teaching jewelry classes, selling creations at local events, to creating jewelry for local designer, Three Bishops Jewelry. Skrakowski currently resides with the love of her life in Dallas, Texas. Sometimes they think about getting a dog, but dang that’s a lot of work.

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Robbi Ilyse Skrakowski
Jewelry Designer and Fabricator
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Photo Editor
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